Nagoya, Japan

3rd CVD Winter Seminar
30th January - 2nd Feburary

Nyon, Switzerland

WFNS Foundation meeting
16th Feburary - 19th Feburary

Beijing, China

WFNS foundation Beijing educational live seminar
29th April - 30th April

Almatoi, Kazakhstan

WFNS foundation educational live surgery course/ACNS
5th May - 6th May

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

WFNS foundation educational live surgery course/ACNS
5th May - 7th May

Moscow, Russia

WFNS foundation educational live surgery course/ACNS
18th May - 20th May

Mombasa, Kenya

2017 WFNS foundation seminar Kenya
30th November - 4th December

Hanoi, Vietnam

2nd WFNS foundation live surgery course
14th December - 15th December


Maui, USA

Joing Neurosurgical Convention 2018
28th January - 2nd Feburary

Kolkata, India

WFNS Foundation Live Surgery
11th Feburary - 12th Feburary

Hyderabad, India

Indo-Japan Neurosurgical Meeting
3rd March - 4th March

Hong Kong, HK SAR

AASNS meeting
9th March - 10th March

Dubai, UAE

12TH Asian Congress Of Neurological Surgeon
14th March - 18th March

Rabat, Morocco

3rd WFNS foundation Rabat live surgery seminar
23rd March - 25th March

Mumbai, India

Frontliners in Neurosurgery
6th April - 8th April

Moscow, Russia

4th ISMINS Congress 2018
21st April - 22nd April

Mumbai, India

CME program
12th May

Khabarovsk, Russia

ACNS Educational Course & 8th Meeting of Asian Gamma Knife Academy (AGKA)
28th June - 30th June


Celebrating Party on 10th Anniversary (Prof.Yerbo)
4th July - 5th July

Inner Mongolia, China

WFNS Foundation ACNS Inner Mongolia Seminar (With WFNS Oncology committee course)
14th July - 15th July

Abuja, Nigeria

WFNS Foundation ACNS Abuja Live Seminar
21st July - 22nd July

Prague, Czech Republic

28th August

Yangon, Myanmar

WFNS Foundation ACNS Myanmar Seminar
22nd September - 23rd September

Bali, Indonesia

Biannual Meeting of WNFS Spine Committee in conjunction with The 22nd Annual Meeting of Indonesian Neurosurgical Society, The 12th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Surgery Congress and The 2nd Interim Meeting of International Fujita Bantane of Neurosurgery
22nd October - 23rd October

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WFNS Foundation, Symposium on Hydrocephalus & ACNS Educational Course
3rd November - 5th November

Henan, China

WFNS Foundation ACNS Educational Course & Live Surgery Seminar
23rd November - 25th November

Jaipur, India

National meeting -NSI


Hanoi, Vietnam

ACNS AVM Summit in Hannoi
12th January - 13th January

Mumbai, India

National Faculties (Indian) for ACNS & WFNS Foundation Live Surgery - Seminar 2019
25th January - 26th January

Malaga, Spain

WFNS Educational Course
8th Febuary - 9th Febuary

Hyderabad, India

ACNS & WFNS Foundation Live Surgery - Seminar
15th March - 16th March

Kathmandu, Nepal

4th April - 5th April

Shuguang, China

2019 Shanghai-Nagoya International Neurosurgical Forum The 10th ACNS educational course And the 6th International Conference of Neurosurgery
31st May - 1st June

Hanoi, Vietnam

WFNS foundation ACNS Hanoi aneurysm summit
28th June - 30th June

Chennai, India

Asian CNS Mitaka live surgery seminar
13th July - 14th July

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

WFNS Education Course
7th August - 8th August

Tianjin, China

WFNS Foundation ACNS Seminar
9th August - 10th August

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

WFNS Foundation ACNS Live Seminar
1st November - 4th November

Nairobi, Kenya

WFNS Foundation ACNS Live Seminar
19th December - 22nd December